Poinciana Incorporation
Will Poinciana's Legislative Delegations Allow Poinciana Citizens to Vote to Determine Poinciana's Future?
Rep. John Cortes Statement
On Poinciana Incorporation & The Ongoing
Conflict Within The Association of
Poinciana Villages

The Ledger editorial ‘The Battle for Poinciana’ states:

‘Florida’s HOA laws are notoriously weak, and reform efforts never gain traction because of developers’ opposition. As a city Poinciana residents would have legal protections, and its leaders would have responsibilities, that are not now present. One chief advantage would be the ability to vote out those who stand in the way of progress and accountability’

Rep John Cortes states his position in his press release;

‘Poinciana residents must have fair access to the municipal services their taxes and fees pay for. Moreover, the decisions regarding how these service are provided should be made at the most local level possible, it should include the voices and concerns of ALL residents affected by those decisions; and, finally, the redress of grievances should not be predicated upon the ability of citizens affected by the decision-making process to afford civil litigation.’

Both the Florida Department of Revenue and Florida Department of Economic Opportunity found that Poinciana has met all to the State Statute Requirements to become a Florida City. BJM Consulting, one of the most well-known and successful consultants helping Florida communities to become cities has reviewed the current study and states that it meets the State Statute requirements.

Different people are always entitled to having different opinions. Why should not the people who are registered voters living in Poinciana be allowed to decide the fate of the community as opposed to legislators who don’t even live in Poinciana forcing them to continue to live under the exclusive local governance of the Avatar dominated HOA?

Ledger Editorial Sept 2,2015
The Battle For Poinciana: A community's struggle for truth, money and maybe an identity
The Battle For Poinciana why Poinciana should be allowed to have a vote to become a city.
Highlights of 2015 Poinciana Incorporation Feasibility Study
No Poinciana City Taxes Required
$18,483,127 Additional Annual Revenues For Municipal Services Returned to Poinciana City Government From Taxes Currently being paid to State and Couty Governments
All elected leaders must by Poinciana Citizen Residents
All resident citizens having Poinciana as their legal voting address get to vote regardless of whether they own or rent property. One person one vote as opposed to lage property owners casting multiple votes as is the case in today's HOA.
Professional City Manager reporting to Mayor elected  and accountable to all the people voters of Poinciana
New Services proposed including additional Sheriff Deputies, additional Fire/EMS, additional sidewalks, additional street lighting, better public works drainage.
Local city control over Planning and Development, Building and Code Enforcement all reporting to local public officials elected by the voters not appointed by the developer.
All estimates in proposal concurred with by Florida Department of Revenue, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and Professional Consultant Experienced in Successful Florida Municipal Incorporations

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Provides for single Mayor elected citywide by all voters and five City Council Members elected from single districts