Poinciana Incorporation
Legislative Delegations Turn Down Poinciana Request To Vote To Become A City
Residents Opposing Incorporation Testify That Everything Is Great In Poinciana
"It seems clear from the information at hand that Poinciana residents should have been given the right to let their views known"
PINCHOS agees with assessment stated in blog by Tom Palmer of Lakeland Ledger on January 30,2015
Who requested that the Florida House Evaluations of the Poinciana 2014 Feasibility Study requested by Poinciana at the time it was submitted in August 2014 were never returned until after the Legislative Delegation meetings? Why?
Florida Department of Revenue and Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Review Poinciana Incorporation Feasibility Study and State that the study is sufficient to meet the State Statutes Required to allow Poinciana to Become a Florida Municipality
Unfortunately the reports were not made available to the legislative delegations in time for their January 2015 meetings