Poinciana Incorporation
"It seems clear from the information at hand that Poinciana residents should have been given the right to let their views known"
Will Poinciana's Legislative Delegations Allow Poinciana Citizens to Vote to Determine Poinciana's Future?
Recent changes in the leadership of the Association of Poinciana Villages Master HOA Board of Directors have shown the community's enthusiasm for self-government along with many of the abuses which citizens of Poinciana have been forced to live with under control of a private homeowners association controlled by the developer and  run for the interests of the developer. In spite of that enthusisam shown by the community more recent changes have resulted in the developer taking back control of the HOA Board of Directors by exercising HOA chartered power to replace resident directors serving the citizens with developer directors serving the interests of the developer.
Will the members of the Osceola and Polk State Legislative Delegations allow the citizens of Poinciana to vote on whether or not they want Home Rule for Poinciana? Or will they force the citizens of Poinciana to continue to live under exclusive control of a local APV Homeowners Association where the Directors are elected not by the citizen voters of Poinciana but instead by the non-resident investors who own the large numbers of properties and select for the board of directors those who serve their interests instead of the citizens of Poinciana?
That is the question that will be discussed and decided over the next few months.
More information to come
As has happenned all to often in the past with the Poinciana APV Master HOA while nothing was said to the community at the June 9,2015 Board Meeting behind the scenes changes were made to the make-up of the board of directorsw with a resident director resigning and being replace by an additional Avatar/AV Homes Director being added to the master board making local decisions for the community.

Poinciana needs to have the voting for the APV Board of Directors changed so that directors can be selected by the residents allowing on person one vote instead of non-resident developers/investors being allowed to cast hundreds if not thousands of votes to hand pick directors of their choice.

Resident Community Leader Annette Brown-Best

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