Poinciana Incorporation
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The 42-year-old development - which straddles the Polk-Osceola county line - has long-term problems including clogged roads, lack of public safety Fire/EMS facilities and lack of sidewalks.
'A city would probably better deal with these infrastructure issues', Sen Darren Soto
photo courtesy of Osceola News Gazette
Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) and Office of Economic and Demographic Research reports show Poinciana could become a city without needing to levy city property tax in order to qualify for state revenue sharing.
Poinciana Responds to Questions Raised by Tallahassee Evaluations of Poinciana Incorporation Feasibility Study
Poinciana has been forced to live for the last forty years under and HOA services budget of $7M annually which is just a fraction of the services that Poinciana under a Municipal Government could offer.
For far too long the residents of Poinciana have had to do without.
The establishment of a Poinciana Municipal Government would allow Poinciana Locally Elected Leaders, elected by the Citizens, not just the property owners, to use Home Rule Powers and $16M Annual Revenue over and above the current HOA Budget to provide much needed additional community services.
$16M Additional Annual Revenue To Poinciana With No Additional Taxes
$16M Additional Annual Revenue To Poinciana With No Additional Taxes